Gun license for a baby

What is the first thing that come to your mind when you know that a children that is not even one year old get a gun license? Yes, the same thing that comes to my mind. The world is crazy, completely crazy. This happened in Chicago, Illinois. Howard D. Ludwig, a little baby, was presented with a shotgun when he was born. His dad not only accepted the present, but to make everything right tried to obtain a gun license in the boy's name. The craziest is that he got the permit. Now, a baby could walk around with a shotgun. I don't know what is more wrong. If it was his father that accepted the gift or the state of Illinois that has given the gun permit. This is one more example of the crazy love that the Americans have for their guns... It really makes me sick... 'Til next time folks.

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The Waked Person of the Week

Let's begin with this. The Waked Person of this week is Romário. One of the greatest soccer player down here, having played in Barcelona, Ajax, awarded as World's best player one time, he scored yesterday his th goal. Yes, with forty-one years old, he still is a professional soccer player and got a number that only one other soccer player has gotten in the world. The first soccer player to achieve one thousand goals was Pelé, back in 1969. For everything that he has passed trough his career, for all the important championships that he has, including on World Cup (94 in USA), and for the determination in score a thousand goals, our first prize of Waked Person of the Week goes to Romário de Souza Faria. 'Til next time folks...

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One nasty bug

Hello everyone... Sorry for the time away, but I catch a nasty flu bug. I passed the last two weeks with a extremely high fever mixed with headaches and the other stuff associated with the flu. I know that I promised some new stuff to the last week, but I was really incapacitated. But let's work, that I have a bunch of things to you... Let's put the show on the road. 'Til next time...

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Anyone here???

Hello people. I have to apologize to all my 13 readers for the absent here in your most favorite blog. But I promise that I'll change everything. This thursday I'll be opening a new section here, The Waked Person of the Week, where I'll choose one person that caught my attention in the last week and will pay my respects to that person. As the name indicates this will be a weekly section. And friday in the coming week, you'll be able to understand a little more of my disturbed mind. I'll be putting on line my list of A Hundred Things to Do Before i Die. This will be weekly too, and every friday I will share five items of my list. I really hope you enjoy the changes and go to tell your friends about this astounding blog... 'Til next time.


Shots at Virginia Tech

The americans are having a hell of a day, that will probably extends to at least two or three weeks. A asian gunman entered the Virginia Tech campus and begun to shoot everyone that come in sight. Everything started around 7:00 am in one side of the campus. After promote a slaughter there, the gunman walk to the other side of the complex. It's know that he took his time, 'cause the second time that gunshots were heard at Virginia Tech campus it was around 10 am. And the campus was still open. During all the afternoon the news agencies were releasing different reports. Only now they established the numbers of victims in 32 (varied trough the afternoon between 20 and 33) with 29 more wounded. The shooter was one of the victims, but nothing was said if he took his own life or was killed by the cops. This is the worst case of this type in the whole american history. Not even Columbine had this number of victims. President Bush was scheduled to make a pronouncement today at 4:15 pm, but I wasn't at home to see what he would say. But I won't be surprised if the investigators discover that the shooter is north korean and Bush declares this as an act of war. After that you could imagine what will happen... Iraq 2 or Vietnam 3. You could choose... The difference is that they have nukes too... 'Til next time.

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I don't get it...

I swear that I tried, and tried really hard to understand the way that the americans "think", but I couldn't. In one hand theirs is the most sexist and racist culture in the planet, but in the order hand they try to pass an image as a puritan religion oriented country. Why I'm talking about this? 'Cause today watching the morning news at Fox Channel, I saw that in a city in the New York state, if I remember correct some girls were prohibited to enter in their own prom dance. And they were stopped because their dresses were too revealing. Man, they're high school graduates, they're at least 17 years old. They are more than capable to choose their clothes. It's unbearable to me to live in a place where other people will choose what I could wear and what I couldn't wear. In my opinion if they didn't go to the ball nude or wrapped in transparent plastic, everything goes. If it's comfortable to you, if it makes you feel good, wear it. And say a big, loud fuck off to everyone trying to tell you how to dress. 'Til next time.

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The Geeks Are Taking Over

The geeks are taking over the world. Slowly and continuous the geek underworld are infiltrating every part of the society and making themselves comfortable. One of the last oasis of the socially (or semi-socially) skilled was the dating sites. You've got to be a little intelligent to catch anyone worthing in this kind of services, but when we come down to business what really matters is how you look. But to the despair of every webmaster of those dating services the geek community now have their own dating web place. Geek 2 Geek is the name of the service. Created by and for people who considers the size of your brain more important than the size you wears. This service has everything to be one of the greatest things occurring in the internet nowadays. And they don't work only in the U.S., they have international members too. What are you still doing here??? Go to Geek 2 Geek and try to catch anyone... Enjoy... 'Til next time.

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Snakes On a Google Office

Google really is the best workplace ever! They have a completely different relation with their employees, you could go to work with the clothes that make you more comfortable, you could even take your pets to the office. And according to some informations, the payment is not bad too. But in a Google office in New York last week a accident happened. A employee brought his python to work. Yes, the crazy fuck brought a python to his workplace. The problem was, the snake got away. And until now, they couldn't find it. This is the plot line for a bad action move... It's just insanity, working with a snake crawling by. Thank God pythons aren't poisonous... A little detail, I thought Google could find everything in the world... Shame on you, Google. 'Til next time...

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Infinity plus one

Do you remember when you're just a kid and have arguments with your friends? When you said to a friend that you hate them to infinity and him responded saying that he hates you to infinity plus one? Yahoo! Mail will be launching their mailbox with infinity storage space. 'Cause of that, Google was predicting serious trouble in business. But Greg Tomkins, one Google engineer, solved the problem even before it has begun. Watching his two kids fighting he saw the scene that I commented in the beginning of this article. So he said that if Yahoo! Mail would have infinity capacity, Gmail would have infinity plus one capacity. He said that when your Yahoo! mail box gets full, you could transfer everything to your Gmail and store one more message. After that, what I have to say to Google. They will rule the world, if they aren't yet... 'Till next time.

P.S.: Was said that this news could be just a Google joking, but coming from Google, I seriously think that it could happens in a not so distant future... Let's just wait.

From: Rafael Arcanjo

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Nerds and Pranks

So, you think that only the "cool" kids could make pranks in April Fool's Day? And the nerds and geeks have to be in the aim for the pranks??? Think again my friend... Wired magazine came up with an article about nerds pranks for April Fool's Day. This is not some kind of intern joke that only nerds will grasp. It's real pranks that use technology to be made. The two that I liked best, is to make the BSOD someones screensaver and put a screenshot of the desktop as a wallpaper, without the icons... I have to say, I putted the BSOD as my screensaver and it feels real. Two times now, I had to get out of the PC and when I returned I almost freaked out with the BSOD. Scary... The second one I'm planning to make with both my brother and my mother... I'm sure going to get some good laughs... 'Till next time

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The death of the Riot Grrrl

It's over... The Canadian girl who come to the mainstream trying to be in the opposite side of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera is no more... In the video from her single "Girlfriend" she stills try to keep the Riot Grrrl look , but you can see that it's not what it used to be. She is very hot, but she has always been hot. Now she tries to use it to sell cds like all teen singers. It's her career, she has the liberty to choose the way that she thinks is better for her, but for me it's hypocrisy. The music is really cool, has a good rhythm and it sticks in your head in the second listening, but it's no more the Avril Lavigne that we saw in her first video "Sk8er Boy" and that's a shame. Her you could see the video and make your own opinions. 'Till next time...

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20 Million

Man this is some huge numbers. In just one month the new OS by Microsoft has reached this awesome number. 20 million copies sold. I can't even imagine the amount of money the people in Redmond are making. The unique problem (aham, besides it's been Microsoft, of course) is that the main advertising of Vista is selling the OS as a gaming platform, but it's not. Or not yet. Who play games in PCs likes good performance, some good titles,.a stable system and support from the hardwares manufacturers. All things that Vista doesn't show yet. It has just two months man, cut it some slack... I wish I could do this, but making a OS, isn't like making a blog like this. That take time, a lot of people burning heads trying to figure out the best ways to do stuff and they had a lot of time to work too... So, no. I won't cut it some slack. If they choose to put that thing in the market, they had to make sure that everything works. Seems that the first Visa Security Patch is about to appear... But even with problems, 20 million is a fucking great mark. Congratulations to Microsoft, but my next computer will be a Mac, no doubt in that. "Till next time...

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